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About us

Yongkang Cheng Ling Kai Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional interior door design, development, production, sales as one of the modern enterprise. Is located in a "Chinese doors are" reputation --- Zhejiang. Yong Kang, convenient transportation, logistics and developed.
Since its inception, has been insisting independent R & D, manufacturing, sales of integrated enterprise business development path, the company with solid strength, advanced production technology, based on the market, for high-quality customers, strengthen environmental protection efforts to a variety of interior doors creating research and manufacturing. The establishment of a successful brand worthy of consumer trust, it is important to promote the brand's own taste and style, which implies a philosophy of life, flavor and taste. Company by virtue of product innovation, process innovation, product quality, industry-leading strength. Establish the product is the brand personality concept, interior doors for the creation of China's efforts to pioneer the brand.
Perseverance, the pursuit of perfection, from a small start, in order to provide our clients with quality products and more attentive service, dedication for the user to create a more stylish, warm spirit of America is the city of Kay's performance targets. The company spirit of "wang things-first" principle, Yuanyuanda very brand awareness of elite dealers to work together to share a win-win.

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